Welcome to my page about ski jumping.

I have been interested in ski jumping since the 80s. Then I was watching available events on a black-and-white TV (I have to say this competition was not so popular in that days and really rarely shown in the Polish TV). In the mid-90s, when the Internet became more and more popular and we have gained access to international sports TV in Poland, my passion could finally begin to develop. I began to browse through the websites and kept track of sports channels to get current and past results of different races, in the same time cheering for all the players and enjoying the atmosphere of fair play. During this time, I noticed with regret that data offered on various websites are incomplete and contain errors (including the official website of the FIS) and sports commentators often make mistakes about statistics, history of ski jumping or the rules of this beautiful sport. This motivated me to start working on a possibly fullest ski jumping database. Normal household hobby began to grow. I was able to establish contacts with professionals and people passionate about ski jumping across Europe. I traveled around Poland and Europe with my children to meet with people like me who are love ski jumping. I got in touch by e-mail with people from all over the world to get more and more results. I hope that this years of my work can help to protect the memory of the first ski jumping competitions, struggles conducted by known and lesser-known from loss and being forgotten. Today, on behalf of this site, I would like to introduce you to the results of the most important international competitions such as:

Olympic Winter Games

World Ski Championships

Ski-Flying World Championships

Junion World Ski Championships

World Cup

Four Hill

Continental Cup

Grand Prix

European Cup

Alpen Cup


Nordic Tournament

I would like to emphasize that to my knowledge this website is the only one on which made available the complete results of the competitions in this time period (starting from the beginning of the tournament or classification to its end or to present times). In addition in my private archives I have results of other national competitions (national and local starting from the 20s of the last century) and international (including women).

I hope to continue this work on digitizing my archives and expand them to create the widest possible ski jumping database.

IIf you have any questions or comments feel free to contact me via   e-mail

Adam Kwieciński

Notes: The site uses English spelling of the names of the players. At the moment I put only part of my results (the others will be made available successively).